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passion for type 1 diabetes

My passion for type 1 diabetes began when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of eighteen years old. I took on the responsibility role of my management myself & set out to prove to my family & care team that diabetes couldn't stop me.

While on a mission to achieve my lowest A1C, I was hyper-focused on eating the least amount of carbs while doing extreme amounts of cardio everyday. When I met with my care team, I was met with congratulatory pats on the back & high fives for lowering my A1C, but no one cared to ask me what I was doing to lower that number. I was on this path of destruction for years until I realized that lowering your A1C doesn't have to come from a place of restriction or compensate with exercise. 

When you’re constantly riding a blood sugar rollercoaster, you may start hearing a little voice inside your head say “maybe if you just ate less carbs” this won’t be happening. Trust me, I know exactly what you’re feeling. You look at your CGM or meter and you don’t understand what is going on. 

You start off by blaming yourself and the carbs in your last meal and try to convince yourself that this wouldn’t have happened if you ate something lower carb & that starting tomorrow you swear off carbs altogether! But, what does this really do for you?


It’s a quick band aid fix that is covering up the real roadblocks in your management. Instead of blaming carbs, let’s change up this scenario and give you sustainable tools that incorporates prioritizing yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically so you can navigate any scenario that life with diabetes throws at you.

This is why I use a non-diet approach to nutrition coaching so that your eating habits feel great and are sustainable long-term. When you shift the conversation away from what you can't eat and towards what you can add to balance blood sugars you will learn how to build a healthy relationship with food that lasts a lifetime. 

While traditional diabetes management focuses on what you're eating, my coaching programs focuses on combining your knowledge of how different foods impact your blood sugar and deepening your confidence around your dosing decisions. You walk away with real life strategies for blood sugar management so you can have more predictability and less overwhelm inside your management. 

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Are you tired of the highs and lows that come with type 1 diabetes? I work with people in multiple ways to help them feel confident in managing their type 1 diabetes. Whether you've just been diagnosed or you've been trying to confidently manage it for years, I can show you an easier way.

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Eating Essentials for Type 1 Diabetes is a self-paced course designed for people with diabetes & their families to become experts on pairing nutrition and dosing strategies together so they can learn how to effectively manage their blood sugars while enjoying their favorite foods


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5 Day Sample Meal Guide
for Trader Joe's

This free guide will give you a sneak peak

into what your meals and snacks can look like when you use my simple nutrition strategy for eating carbs & staying in range!

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"I have an A1C at a healthy standard when previously it was pushing 9-10. I am able to have a healthy relationship with food whether it's regarding carb counting, nutrition/digestion, and effects on blood sugars, as well as non-diabetic related things like restricting foods to punish myself."




"A lot of people don't understand what it's like to live with diabetes, so it was important to me to add a key player to my diabetes team who actually gets it and that's Amanda for me! I am so thankful for this program - it's given me my life back."

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"The information online is so conflicting and my endo only gave me the basics to survive- not the tools to live happy and healthy!... I have improved my relationship with exercise, My A1C dropped from 12.4-> 5.5!!! I am more confident around food."

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