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T1D Coaching

for parents & caregivers

ready to eliminate the guesswork & take charge of your child’s diabetes management?

have you heard the myth?

Carbohydrates are “bad” for your child's  blood sugars…
You will judge or question yourself every time you feed your child carbs, and their blood sugar goes out of range
But let me ask you this…
“Would you like to lower your child's A1C without giving up the foods that they love?”
If you’re shaking you head yes…then get ready, because you’ll wish you learned about my approach sooner

who this program is for

Your child has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and you’ve had enough of people telling you what you should and should not feed your child eat

You can’t seem to figure out an effective way to manage your child’s blood sugars that doesn’t feel overwhelming and time-consuming

You are intimidated by all the conflicting information you’ve received and want an approach personalized for you and your family’s unique lifestyle

You want to eliminate the guesswork so you can make informed decisions about your child’s management

DSC06164 (2).jpg

how amazing would it feel to go...

From this:

Feeling hopeless & powerless when it comes to managing your child’s blood sugars

Thinking you are a failure every time you get a CGM alert knowing you are the one in charge

Constantly second guessing whether or not you’re doing the best thing for your child’s diabetes management & overall health

Being trapped between allowing your child to eat what they want or sabotaging their blood sugars

Neglecting and sacrificing your own needs because your life revolves around diabetes

to this:

Master new techniques and strategies for more predictable management

Gain clarity and compassion when assessing your child’s blood sugars & making self-adjustments

No longer being filled with fear and doubt by establishing boundaries for balance & moderation

Make sound decisions during mealtimes without feeling guilt or shame for your choices

Discover peace & freedom to take control without diabetes calling the shots

what's included

1:1 Virtual Coaching

3 months of private

1:1 coaching to deep dive into multiple areas of your child's T1D management

Private Chat Access

Access to a private chat to ask questions that come up in between sessions so no questions go unanswered

Weekly Check-In

Weekly check-ins to help you reach your goals quicker & keep you accountable

Exclusive Training Portal

Exclusive training portal so your cup is overflowing with resources & knowledge

Community Support

Connect with a supportive community filled with other like minded families & T1Ds

Tired & True Methods

for lowering A1C & increasing

 time in range

by working with me you will learn...

Revolutionary Strategies

for understanding nutrition

and dosing techniques

Life-Changing Mindset Shifts

uncover the confidence and capabilities you didn't know you had


Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Amanda

I'm a virtual registered dietitian that specializes in type 1 diabetes management. My passion for diabetes management comes after my own type 1 diabetes diagnosis when I was eighteen years old.

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Managing diabetes isn't about following a set of strict rules.

It's about having the right mindset & tools to navigate any scenario life with T1D will throw at you.


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you have questions?


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