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What you can achieve with t1d

T1D Nutritionist client review

“I did not know anyone with T1D and felt like I was all alone trying to figure it out. The information online is so conflicting and my endo only gave me the basics to survive- not the tools to live happy and healthy! I was feeling SO overwhelmed, nervous, and defeated. I feel so much more knowledgeable and hopeful! While there are always going to be times where I am nervous around new foods, I know that I have the tools and the confidence in place to navigate those times successfully! I have improved my relationship with exercise, My A1C dropped from 12.4-> 5.5!!! I am more confident around food.”



T1D Nutritionist client review

“I was feeling so stressed, defeated, and overwhelmed with my diabetes. I was frustrated and discouraged before starting this program. After working with Amanda, I feel empowered and confident in my management. My time in range has increased as a result of this program. My family and I have adopted more balanced nutrition as a result of this program. I have learned to set attainable goals in my diabetes management and make steps towards achieving them because of this program.”



“I had been struggling with keeping my levels in range and wanted to seek additional support from somebody in the T1D community themselves. By working with Amanda I was able to keep myself accountable, create a more positive relationship with food and escape from diet culture!”



T1D Nutritionist client review

“I felt scared to eat carbs and bolus. I was scared to exercise. I was scared to go out with friends for dinner. I imagined the future of damage I caused and what would happen if I continued on the destructive path I was on. I was in a very dark place. I now feel in control, I no longer have black and white thinking. I no longer have "cheat days'' where I eat the whole pantry and have skyrocketing blood sugars. I have an A1C at a healthy standard when previously it was pushing 9-10. I am able to have a healthy relationship with food whether it's regarding carb counting, nutrition/digestion and effects on blood sugars, as well as non-diabetic related things like not over-exercising and restricting foods to punish myself.”



T1D Nutritionist client review

“I felt like a lost puppy. I got good at mastering my own routine and habits, but they were not necessarily healthy nor progressive toward my overall mindset toward diabetes. Now, I feel so incredibly empowered, my body feels safe, and my brain is not so afraid of my body. By working with Amanda I have a lower A1C, knowledge knowledge KNOWLEDGE, understanding and applying split dosing/better achieving pre-blousing, understanding the real implications of food on my blood sugar, not being afraid of fruit (as it used to always spike me), and better predicting my blood sugar!”



“I was a new diagnosis and needed more support, info, and help with hypo anxiety. I felt anxious and less empowered before.  Now I’m more confident and compassionate to myself. While working with Amanda my mindset changed around numbers and doses, I’m more confident when it comes to trying new foods and using different insulin doses for different days and needs."



T1D Nutritionist client review

"Before the program, I felt alone and terrified. I had developed a long list of fear foods and was even crying over Starbucks drinks - seriously, I cried over a PSL because I didn't know how to have it without feeling like I wasn't allowed..but, that's where Amanda and her program came in! The program changed my life. I am learning to trust my body and eat the foods I am craving and trusting my body. In the beginning, I was eating yogurt with raspberries (5 carbs total) for breakfast and now I am making delicious breakfast yogurt bowls in the AM because it's what I actually want! I am feeling more confident and in control. A lot of people don't understand what it's like to live with diabetes, so it was important to me to add a key player to my diabetes team who actually gets it and that's Amanda for me! I am so thankful for this program - it's given me my life back."



T1D Nutritionist client review

“I come from a place where diabetes management is not so great. I was 13 years in and I was still using a sliding scale and my bs was most of the time high. I didn’t know I could correct, or pre-bolus. I didn’t know anything about diabetes and how different foods and other things affect us. I was told I couldn’t eat candy, so I never had candy while growing up, but carbs do the exact same thing as candy, but I didn’t know that. My management was never great, my parents didn’t know either so they couldn’t help me much. I made the decision when I wasn’t able to lower my A1c, restricting my carb intake, and lots of high blood sugars. I was miserable. I was feeling guilty, ashamed, and defensive. Now I feel confident, less stressed, and proud of myself.”



“It's like night and day. Before starting with Amanda, I was very restrictive low-carb, and didn't know how to navigate my insulin use. I would rage bolus and blame myself for high BGs. Now I have 100-150 carbs/day and know how to analyze my Dexcom data and adjust my insulin needs. After working with Amanda I’ve been able to remove the “fear” of foods  - I've been able to eat my favorite fruits and vegetables that I denied myself previously. I've learned how to pair foods and focus on what I can ADD vs what I feel I "should" remove. I can eat carbs and if I want to avoid a spike, I can add in protein and fiber.”



Your life is more enjoyable without the worry of focusing on what you can and can't eat.

If you're anything like how I was when I was first diagnosed you feared eating carbs because you were afraid your blood sugar would go high and you were doing all you could to stay in range as much as possible. That's where I help teach you about types of carbs, food pairing techniques, and dosing considerations so you can feel confident no matter what you're eating.

I know where you're at, I've been there. You need support, accountability, and adequate tools to improve your mindset, confidently manage your blood sugar, and enjoy your life.

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