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Not Just a Patch Review: Dexcom G6 Patches

This post was sponsored by Not Just a Patch, but all ideas are my own.

Not Just a Patch Dexcom G6 Patch

I have been wearing a dexcom CGM for the last seven years and I have done some pretty questionable things to keep the adhesive on my skin. I used to put bandaids, yes bandaids, around my CGM adhesive to hold it in place. You gotta do what you got to do, right?

I still have issues with my CGM adhesive sticking to my skin and nowadays there are specially designed CGM patches to help keep it in place (yay, no more bandaids). Since there are many overpatch companies to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming knowing what to look for in a patch. In this post, I’ll be reviewing my favorite qualities of the dexcom g6 overpatch by Not Just a Patch.

Qualities to Look for in Dexcom Patches

When it comes to wearing a CGM overpatch, I look for the following qualities:

Comfort and Flexibility

Hypoallergenic Adhesive

Water Resistant

Ease of Use

Comfort and Flexibility

Comfort and flexibility are two important qualities to have in a CGM patch. Since this patch will be covering your CGM for at least 10 days, you definitely want something that is comfortable on your skin and provides flexibility for your daily activities.

Most patches on the market are made from paper or plastic-like materials. These patches are often very stiff making them uncomfortable to wear for extended use and often peel within a few days of putting them on. Not Just a Patch uses a cloth-like fabric that is made from 96% cotton and 4% spandex which allows the patch to have elasticity to move providing great comfort and flexibility for extended wear.

Hypoallergenic Adhesive

As someone with extremely sensitive skin, it is difficult to find adhesive patches or glue that doesn’t irritate my skin. Not Just a Patch uses a medical quality hypoallergenic adhesive to protect the skin from redness and irritation. Since the hypoallergenic adhesive provides skin protection, the glue doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind so there is no need to use adhesive wipes or adhesive removers when removing the patch.

If you are someone who needs extra support to keep your patches or sensors in place, Not Just a Patch offers skin glu. Skin glu is a hypoallergenic and latex free barrier wipe that can be used pre-CGM application to give the skin extra protection and help your CGM stick better.

Not Just a Patch CGM patch

Water Resistant

Water resistant fabric is crucial for allowing the patch to stay in place when showering or swimming. When I was on a beach vacation this past summer, I took Not Just a Patch along with me and it stayed in place with no peeling sides even after spending hours in a pool and ocean.

Ease of Use

Applying an overpatch should not feel like brain surgery, but it can definitely feel like it with some patches.

Some patches you have to perfectly align a cut out of the CGM and place the patch over.

When you are trying to place a patch on a hard to reach area, like the back of the arm, this could be really difficult to do by yourself. What I like about Not Just a Patch is that the patch covers the entire dexcom device. No more trying to skillfully apply the backing onto your skin like a game of operation. Additionally, the patches have a paper backing that comes off in 3 sections, so you can choose to remove one section at a time when applying the patch to the skin. This makes the process of applying a patch on yourself really easy to do.

Above all, Not Just a Patch will attach to your skin so if you ever needed to change the overpatch before your CGM expired, you will only remove the patch and not the CGM sensor. When wearing my overpatch, I never needed to replace it over the 10 day period, but you never know with diabetes!

Where to Purchase Not Just a Patch

Not Just a Patch can be purchased on the Not Just a Patch website. They provide a variety of colored patches for the Dexcom G4, G5, and G6, as well as for the Freestyle Libre, Medtronic Guardian, a MiaoMiao 1 and 2 and Omnipod. Patches are shipped from the US, so shipping is fast and reliable. A purchase of 2 packs qualifies you to receive free shipping with your purchase.


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