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6 Diabetes-Friendly Desserts for Valentine's Day

It is that time of year again! Conversation hearts, truffles galore and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are symbolic of Valentine’s Day. Sounds amazing, right?! A day dedicated to sugar-laden desserts and chocolate-covered treats. Well if you are someone living with type 1 diabetes, these chocolate truffles and desserts may be overwhelming & anxiety-provoking instead of being delighted and excited. You may feel trapped that you can’t indulge without sabotaging your blood sugars. Of course, you can dose for any treat that you desire, but what if it was possible to have festive desserts without sacrificing taste or blood sugars. Here are 6 diabetes-friendly recipes that may make the day a bit less stressful so that you, too, can indulge this heart-day!

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Truffle- by Amy’s Healthy Baking

This easy 4-ingredient recipe features decadent unsweetened cocoa powder with a dusting of crushed freeze dried strawberries. The addition of freeze dried strawberries packs in sweetness & fiber without any additional added sugar to the truffle coating.

Low Carb Keto Cheesecake Bites- by Wholesome Yum

Cheesecake is always a popular dessert and I just love this bite-sized option. Cheesecake is so versatile that you can truly make this recipe your own with different toppings- from blueberries, strawberries, or even chocolate.

Low Carb Texas Sheet Cake- by Hangry Woman

Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than chocolate which is why I had to include Hangry Woman’s low carb texas sheet cake. It is a gooey cake with a buttery frosting that is just to die for! Plus, the recipe uses a base of almond flour making it easier on the blood sugars without sacrificing any taste.

Fudgy Avocado Brownies with Chocolate Fudge Frosting- by Half Baked Harvest

Sure you can use a box mix of brownies, but to celebrate a special occasion, these fudgy avocado brownies are where it is at! I know avocado brownies can sound a bit intimidating, but you can’t even taste them once you add in the chocolate. The avocados make the brownies dense and delicious while packed in a fiber-filled punch.

Low Carb Mascarpone Mousse with Roasted Strawberries- by All Day I Dream About Food

If you want a simple recipe and no mess in the kitchen, then you’ll want to check out this recipe. This rich mousse has a velvety texture that is to die for. Plus, the roasted strawberries on top are a total *chef kiss*.

Low Sugar No Bake Brownie Bites- by Milk and Honey Nutrition

This recipe utilizes both almond & coconut flour plus garbanzo beans to pack in fiber and protein for balanced blood sugars. Once you add in the melted chocolate and cocoa powder, you will be shocked at how good they taste!


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