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Diabetes-Friendly Walmart Food Finds: Easy Breakfast Ideas Edition

*Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services. This blog is meant to provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this blog is not a substitute for medical care and should not replace advice from your healthcare provider.*

diabetes-friendly walmart food finds

From frozen waffles, egg sandwiches, and cereal, there are plenty of breakfast options available. However when you are living with diabetes, it can be quite intimidating navigating the plethora of options available at Walmart stores. Here is a list of diabetes-friendly Walmart food finds that taste great and are easy to put together for you to consider during your next shopping trip.

frozen breakfast sandwiches

Frozen breakfast sandwiches for diabetes

Frozen breakfast sandwiches are a great protein-packed option. These meals are a touch low in fiber, I would suggest pairing these with your favorite fruit, avocado, or added vegetables for additional fiber.

frozen pancakes and waffles

Frozen breakfast pancakes & waffles for diabetes

Frozen waffles and pancakes are an easy breakfast option, but usually they have high amounts of added sugars and low amounts of protein. The options below are higher in protein and if you eat them along with a serving of fruit, peanut butter, greek yogurt, or syrup can make a balanced breakfast.

kefir and greek yogurt

Breakfast dairy options for diabetes

Greek yogurt and kefir are excellent sources of protein and carbohydrates. They make great bases for smoothies, parfaits, or just yogurt bowls topped with fruit.

Best bread, bagels, and tortillas for diabetes

Bread, bagels, and tortillas can be used in many different breakfast recipes and you most certainly can still enjoy them with diabetes. Some of my favorites like Dave’s Killer Bread are fiber-rich and protein dense while others like Thomas’s bagel thins and english muffins are lighter carbohydrate options for your breakfast favorites. And remember if you don’t prefer any of these options, that’s okay! For whichever option you choose, there are other factors that will contribute to blood sugar levels- like the amount and foods you plan to eat with them!

Diabetes breakfast cereal and oatmeal

Many cereals are high in added sugars, which can make blood sugars difficult to manage. Looking for options that are high in fiber and protein and lower in added sugars can be easier to manage blood sugar levels. You can also try adding toppings like nuts, seeds, and fruit for added fiber too!

Best breakfast bars for diabetes

If you prefer a quick breakfast option, breakfast bars can be an easy way to provide your body with energy in the morning. A helpful suggestion would be to pair these bars with greek yogurt or fruit to make them a bit more satiating.

On the go breakfast options for diabetes

If you are someone who is always on the go, protein drinks or smoothies can be a great blood-sugar friendly option when paired with fruit or nuts for additional energy.


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